British Columbia School of Log Building

Welcome to the BC School of Log Building! Our comprehensive log building and timber framing courses are offered in the beautiful mountain town of Golden, BC. We are fortunate to be surrounded by Canada’s striking National Parks and world renowned outdoor adventure and learning. The British Columbia School of Log building is perfectly situated for immersion in local thriving wood environments, and historical wonder. Along with our onsite courses at the BC Log School, you can now learn to build a log cabin with our professionally produced online course from the convenience of your own home and on your own schedule.

The curriculum and teaching methods that we use comply with the standards established by the International Log Builders Association and the BC Log and Timber Building Industry Association. Our exceptional training and hands-on courses are taught by a master log builder; David Stonehouse is a specialist in the log building industry and is reputed across North America for his modern log building and restoration techniques. His dedication and respect for the history and the trade of log and timber building is apparent through his teaching. He has inspired students worldwide to build their own log homes.

The BC School of Log Building is a division of Stonehouse Woodworks, a thriving log and timber building business. Our courses take place at this active log building site and our students experience first hand varying styles of building. We offer saddle notch, full scribe log building courses, dovetail log building courses and timber framing courses. For the first time, we are now offering log building courses in an online format. Students in our onsite courses will also enjoy the 100 plus year-old restored log buildings and timber frames at our yard that have been imported from Eastern Canada. A vast range of student profiles have succeeded in our log building school: previous experience is helpful but not necessary. We recognize that power tools and big wood can be intimidating. Our courses offer instruction in a safe and controlled environment through graduated steps and by an experienced professional.

The British Columbia School of Log Building is dedicated to the preservation and teaching of both traditional and contemporary log and timber building skills and techniques. We believe that adventure lies within creativity and in re-establishing a connection with building by hand. Building your own log home is an adventure that permeates generations.

Dream it. Learn it. Build it.

“Teaching the courses is still part of my log building journey as I meet people from all over the world. We create amazing group dynamics through the nature of the build and a network of common interests.”

Dave Stonehouse, Instructor, BCSLB Director

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Your Log Building Instructor: Dave Stonehouse

Dave Stonehouse is the founder of the BC School of Log Building and the owner of Stonehouse Woodworks, a successful log building business in Golden, BC.

With 25 years of log building experience across North America, Dave is extremely passionate about the history and the trade of log and timber building. He has imported and restored many century old log and timber buildings from Eastern Canada to the log yard in Golden BC.

His respect for the tradition and trade of log building is apparent through his teaching and he has inspired many students to build their own log homes.

Dave moved to British Columbia as a student where he found adventure and challenge in the idea of living close to nature and using techniques that paralleled those of the pioneers. He grew attracted to the joinery of logs and was mystified by how perfectly they fit together. He devoted himself to learning, building and creating using both traditional and modern methods for building and restoration. He is motivated to generate a perfect balance between using traditional and progressive building techniques and to stay relevant in a technologically laden building world. Dave’s log building work can be found in a variety of resorts, lodges, and world class National parks including Lake Ohara and Lake Louise.

Teaching is an exciting and rewarding part of being a leader in the industry. We have students that come to the BC School of Log Building with little or no experience and within a few days they are cutting notches! We witness their sense of accomplishment when they lay down a log and it fits like a glove on top of the previous log. Dave believes that you must create lasting impressions with your work wherever you decide to study. Completing our log or timber frame building courses creates opportunity for you to work and live in beautiful, adventurous or remote locations. You can be confident that you’ll be taught by a master log builder; he is an experienced professional and a specialist in the log and timber building industry.

“I’m a committed life long learner and have taken numerous courses in several countries. Dave is one of the most refreshing teachers I have come across: His style is calm and methodical. The course content is structured to maximize student learning. The topic is interesting and Dave conveys that. Take a course with the BC School of Log Building and you’ll never regret it!”

Mike Jones, Calgary, AB