Dovetail Design Package: Plans, Log by Log Graphics, and Materials Cut List

Feb 11, 2021
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This plans package includes professionally drafted elevations, floor plans and construction details for the 16′ x 20′ dovetail course cabin that we build in the complete Build a Dovetail Building course. A detailed Log by Log Graphics Pack provides pdfs that illustrate, in sequence, the particulars of each log cut and placed on the building. The sawmill materials Cut List provides you with a complete list of all the material needed to build the log shell, as well as details on how to calculate your own custom cut list for a different sized cabin shell. With the purchase of this design package, you will receive:

  • A complete set of log shell building plans for the 16′ x 20′ Willowbank Cabin
  • A Log by Log Graphics PDF package detailing each log in sequence as it is set on the building
  • A sawmills materials Cut List, with an accompanying explanation of how to produce your own sawmill cut list for your custom sized cabin.