Learn To Build Your Own Log Cabin

May 09, 2016 Courses

Learn to build your own Log Cabin

Dovetail log building course

May 28-29, 2016 | Golden, BC

This two day weekend log building course with Stonehouse Woodworks will focus on the layout and cutting of the dovetail notch. Dovetail log joinery is a traditional method of log house construction known for both its strength and beauty.

This is a hands-on course suitable for anyone 18 and over who would like to learn to build their own log cabin or has an interest in log construction. Since time is limited to two days of instruction, the course will focus on the fundamental skill of laying out and cutting the dovetail notch but will also cover a brief history of log construction, tools of the trade, safe working practices; we’ll make a lot of saw dust. Your instructor, Dave Stonehouse, owner of Stonehouse Woodworks, has extensive experience in all areas of the log construction and restoration industry.

For more information please contact Dave at:
email: dave [at] stonehousewoodworks {dot} com
phone: (250) 272-6461

Required Tool List

  • Chainsaw 30-60 cc (in safe working order)
  • Full safety gear. Steel toe boots, saw pants/chaps, eye protection, ear protection, hard hat.
  • 2′ level
  • Carpenters square
  • Knife (large yellow Olfa is best)
  • 1″ or larger Chisel
  • Notebook, pencil
  • Camera (optional but recommended)